nagari´s poetry crossover at Books & Books

nagari magazine, Miami Book Fair and katakana editors invite you to: nagari’s poetry crossover A bilingual poetry reading with poets: Ximena Gómez, Mia Leonin, Francisco Larios and George Franklin on Saturday June 2nd 2018 5:00 pm at Books & Books of Coral Gables 265 Aragon Ave Coral Gables, FL 33134 Phone 305-442-4408 (Free admission) Revista … Continuar

PACT / PACTO. Mia Leonin

PACT   (After Ana Mendieta’s Silueta Series)   I will carve my shape into your rock and you will multiply my shadows.   I will serrate you with my small seismic frame. You will listen from inside your many-seeded gourd.   I will scorch you with the flames of my peripheries. Onto your belly, I … Continuar

CHANCE BORN. Mia Leonin. Anhinga Press. Tallahassee. USA. 2016

En su conferencia sobre la Poesía (recopiladas en el volumen SIETE NOCHES del Fondo de Cultura Económica), Jorge Luis Borges, decía, refiriéndose a unos versos de Quevedo, que estos eran “felices” al ser “ambiguos”, esta felicidad, era el producto de la riqueza interpretativa o de las múltiples lecturas que pudiéramos darles a los mismos. El … Continuar


Like Music (Baghdad 2003)   Rain beneath the cypress canopy: you were this voice, this natural wish for water – leaf-girl   waiting for rain, winding inside your mother’s burka, wrists waving, strings of hair lisping in the wind.   Each morning the dream showers woke to flowers of grain, sifting from your mother’s fingers … Continuar